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Mr.Shamsher Khan

Co-founder of Hackaltron
4 years

Personal Information

Who is Shamsher Khan?
  Professional Hacker | Entrepreneur
  The 24-year-old young India-based Cyber Security Expert & Lifestyle Entrepreneur Shamsher Khan, has become an inspiration for young people because of achieving a big milestone at a very early age.   Despite facing a lot of difficulties in the path of his success, he didn’t give up and achieved a big milestone in his career.In todays time he is co-founder of Hackaltron company now he is provide Cyber   Security  Training though Hackaltron company.Along with he also provide Ethical Hacking Classes in Various IIT college’s and University in India.
 Along with he is online teaching cyber security to more than 2351 students in India

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Ethical hacking
bug Hunting


  • I have completed all Ethical Hacking  modules three times in 2018
  • Multiple methods of web pentesting with pratical 
  • Bug hunting is on trend 

Technical Information

Mark helps keep Seofy‘s clients ahead of the competition by researching and monitoring the latest developments in search and predicting tweaks to the search engines’ ever evolving algorithms. He also designed and managed the build of the innovative SEO software. Since its launch the SEO spider has established itself as the leading onsite technical SEO auditing software in the industry.

Mark won recognition of a ‘talented and inspiring practitioner who has revolutionised the UK search industry’ in the UK Search Awards. When not being a geek he likes to spend time with family and friends, travel and chat about football to everyone who cares to listen – which is nobody at Seofy.

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